At Griffin Fence we understand that  fence maintenance is the key to your investment retaining its value. On average, our clients spend between $3,500.00 and $4,500.00 on their new fences. Our entry level package costs as low as $6.00 per linear foot, and is well worth every penny. Cedar, unfortunately, is very susceptible to water rot and termite damage, but our product deters both . We recommend that you keep up with the maintenance of your fence by way of adding a fresh coat of treatment when you notice the color fading. The better you maintain your fence, the longer it will provide security, privacy, and a crisp new look.

Proper fence staining is an important maintenance to keep your fence safe from the elements and save fence owners the headache of having to replace their fence in the long run. With the brutal Houston Texas sun, its recommended to stain your wood fence every 3-5 years. Unprotected wood is susceptible to mold and mildew which decreases the life and value of your fence. Treating your cedar adds years of life to your fence.


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We specialize in fence installation and the care of your fence material. Our fence staining services include cleaning, staining, brightening, and sealing outdoor structures such as arbors, fences, decks, and play scapes. Weatherproofing is a key element to protecting your woods natural beauty and original form.


  • Shields From Powerful U.V. Rays
  • Protects Natural Wood Color
  • Waterproofs Wood by Repelling Water
  • Extends Wood Life
  • Mold, Mildew, and Fungus Resistant
  • Prevent Spiting and Cracking
  • Protects From Natural elements Such as Sunlight, Rain, and Animal Urine
  • Restores Weathered Fences and Adds Life To Your Fence

Fence Staining FAQ’s

Q: Is it neccesary to clean your fence prior to staining it?
A: If you can tell that your fence is turning silver it will have to be pre-treated. The silver is actually an algae. We clean, brighten and condition most of the fences we stain unless your fence is fairly new.

Q: How do you clean a fence?
A: We typically use a  Behr wood cleaner, brightener and conditioner Behr product to prepare your fence to be stained.

Q: How do you apply stain?
A: We spray via low pressure, followed immediately by back-brusining (hand brushing on any streaks or runs)

Q: What type of stain do you use?
A: We use Behr or Thompsons stains and sealers. Although very expensive, we have found these to be the longest lasting stains on the market.

Q: How much sealant or stain will you use to protect my fence?
A: Typically we will use 1 gallon of stain per 170-190sf.

Q: How will you protect pool and plants from stain?
A: We use cardboard along the side of your house.. We also use large cardboard pieces when working up next to your house. The most important part of controlling your stain is to apply on a day with very little wind. There are usually only 3 days/ week that are good for staining here in Houston, the other days are just too windy.

Q:How long should I wait to turn on my sprinklers?
A: With temperatures from the 50s to 70s about 4-6 hour if temperatures are into the 70s and 80’s the stain is usally water ready withing 2-4 hours.