Choosing the to build your new fence and gates out of brick ; stone is always a good idea – provided you have real experts handling this project on your Houston, Texas property!

For more than 40+ years homeowners and property owners throughout the Houston community have chosen us here at Griffin Fence Company to help them plan, execute, and maintain their fences.

We take a lot of pride in the reputation we built up over those four decades as the “go to” fencing company in town. That so many of our friends and neighbors trust us with a project of this magnitude – and recommend us to their friends and neighbors – is a responsibility we take very seriously.

If you’ve been thinking about building a brick ; stone fence we’d love to talk about making that possible for you!

Big Benefits of Brick ; Stone Fences

There are a lot of advantages that brick and stone fences have that few other construction materials provide. We run through some of the biggest benefits our Houston, TX clients found most important below.

Incredibly Durable

The long-term durability of brick and stone – especially compared to wood and vinyl materials – is unbelievable.

A well-designed and well-built brick ; stone fence here in Houston is going to last decades with very though maintenance and upkeep. These are the kinds of fences that have a real permanency about them.

Brick and stone isn’t going to rot. Termites and insects aren’t going to be able to compromise them from the inside out. Even fire is going to have a tough time breaking these fences down!

Safe and Secure

Stone and brick materials are also inherently more safe and secure than wooden fences and vinyl fences.

We are talking about very strong, very dense, very stable materials here.

When properly built by experts that know what they are doing (experts like ours with more than 40+ years of experience) these kinds of fences can stand up to all kinds of wind, weather, and even accidental impacts without ever becoming compromised.

It’s not uncommon for a fence 30, 40, or even 50 years old to look just as good as brand-new when it’s been made out of brick and stone. It stays just as safe and just as secure decades down the line as it is the day when it was first built!

Permanent Privacy

While wood and vinyl fencing inevitably has little gaps in between slats and posts, brick ; stone fence installations are (literal) impenetrable walls.

It’s tough to get more permanent privacy results than what you get out of brick and stone!

Unless outsiders have x-ray vision these walls are going to be able to provide just a bit more extra protection and privacy than almost any other fencing material available on the market today.

Absolutely Beautiful

Of course it’s also important to remember just how beautiful these kinds of fences are when they are well-built and maintained.

There’s just something really classy, something really elegant, and something really luxurious about a brick ; stone fence surrounding a property.

Residential and commercial properties alike can really benefit from this kind of material, with property values almost always seeing a nice bump when quality fences like these are added around the perimeter.

Sure, any kind of fence is going to offer a bit of security, a bit of privacy, and a clean boundary around a property. But few other fence materials look almost like a functional piece of sculpture the way that brick and stone will.

Important Things to Consider with Brick ; Stone Fence Projects

Now that we highlighted a couple of the big benefits that brick ; stone fence installations offer let’s run through a couple of things you’ll want to consider before moving forward with this project.


Brick and stone fence project are always going to take at least a little bit longer to complete than traditional fences might.

Wooden and vinyl fences can go up with lightning like speed in the Houston, TX area. Brick and stone fences, the other hand, are going to require a little more care, little more heavy lifting, and a bit more attention to detail to pull off successfully.

It’s important to understand that these fences will take a little longer than traditional fences might, even with experts like ours at Griffin Fence Company handling the work for you.


These fences are also (generally) a little more expensive than traditional wood and vinyl fences are – not just in upfront costs but in maintenance, repair, and upkeep costs as well.

Obviously, different types of brick and stone fence materials will have different price tags attached to them.

At the end of the day, though, these materials are just a little bit pricier than wood and vinyl. The extra labor, the extra planning, and the extra site work required for these fences add to that final price tag.

Space Considerations

Brick ; stone fencing will be wider and require more space than traditional wood and vinyl fences, too.

You’ll be giving up a little bit more yard space for these kinds of fences to be put in. They also help spaces to feel a little more enclosed than traditional fences.

In fact, a lot of people like these kinds of fences because of how strong they look with their larger footprint!

Permanency of the Installation

Relocating or reconfiguring a brick ; stone fence is a major undertaking.

Even just adding new gates to an existing brick and stone fence will end up being a multi-day (sometimes a multi week) project – with a price tag to match!

This is why it’s so important to work with only the best fencing professionals right from day one. Proper fencing experts can help you design a brick ; stone fence that will last decades to come but will also be fully functional, beautiful, and intelligently laid out so that these kinds of renovations don’t have to be undertaken in the future.

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