Commercial Fence Installation is not for every fence company, but Griffin fence is well equipped to handle any fence project no matter the scope. Our Commercial Fence Project Managers are steeped in plan reading and work hand in hand with many General Contractors, Property Management Companies, and Custom Home Builders. We know that planning new construction can be a real pain, so let us help take some pressure off by working with our professional team who get it done right the first time.

General Contracting can be a headache at times, with keeping up with several subcontractors. At Griffin fence we have built sound relationships with several General contractors through taking some stress off of their backs by reading site plans and working with detailed overviews of their projects.

Property Management Companies love us as well. Our rapport with Property Management Companies keeps us busy to say the least. It is a great feeling to know that when a commercial fence project comes up we are the first Fence Company to get the call.

Custom Home Builders prefer Griffin Fence because they know that we have the capacity to handle any job know matter how intricate or simple it may be. We have a solid reputation in Houston with Custom Home Builders that has been established over the course of the last 38 years.