Griffin Fence is proud to be the leading fence company in Houston, that general contractors, property management companies & even custom home builders can rely on. Throughout our 40+ years in the industry, we have built strong relationships in the industry while ensuring that we deliver quality in all the work that we do for commercial properties.

We understand how complicated the process of planning a new construction project can be, with all the necessary permits required in order to start installing a fence. Right from the very beginning, we will work with you through the planning phase as well as the execution phase of the project.

General Contracting typically requires management and staying on top of all the different subcontractors. Griffin has set in place qualified staff to fill our project management positions, to ensure a smooth experience with minimal necessary oversight. Our team is well versed in reading & understanding site plans, and capable of executing such plans while providing consistent updates throughout the process.

Property Management Companies will also work closely with Griffin in order to install a long lasting commercial fence that will endure the very humid climate and harsh weather conditions of Houston. Due to our ongoing relationship with property managers and repeat business, we are often times the first fence company they will call to get a quote from.

Custom Home Builders will choose Griffin Fence due to our flexibility in working on any job size and the ability to install any type of fence. Custom homes require unique planning and fence solutions that are custom to the size and terrain of the property. Our welding professionals are able to make the necessary adjustments to the fence, in order to increase the security of it, according to the demands and needs of the homeowner.

When you work with Griffin Fence, you get 4 decades worth of experience and a crew that is dedicated to get the job done right, the first time. Reach out to us today for a quote. We look forward to working with you!

What is the advantage of using an iron fence over any other type of fence?

Iron fences are the most durable fences that can be installed. With proper maintenance, you can expect to have iron fences last you a lifetime. The main thing that attracts most commercial property owners & managers, is the aesthetic that the iron fence provides to the property. Security is another reason iron fences are preferred, as pickets & finials cannot be removed. Finally, unlike vinyl or wood fences, an iron fence cannot be broken through that easily.

What materials are available?

While wood fences are the preferred type for residential projects, when it comes to commercial fence installations, chain link & steel fences are the most preferred option due to the added security they provide & preventing breaches to the fence.

Chain link fences are very popular among commercial property owners, as they are on the lower end of the price spectrum. The different coatings that are available with chain link fences (vinyl, zinc, aluminum,) help reduce the chance of your fence getting rusty or corroded.

Steel fences are galvanized, creating a structurally sound support and longevity. The fence panels come in a variety of shapes & sizes which include squares & rectangles. Spikes can also be added on top of galvanized steel fences, as a way to prevent fence climbers. They also provide a sense of intimidation for the by passers.