Fence Repair Houston

Regardless of how strong and durable your fencing is, it’s always going to be at least a little vulnerable to damage and degradation over time. We are, after all, talking about a fence – something that’s going to be outside on a permanent basis in the Houston, Texas sun and weather. That’s going to do a number on your fence over time! Combine that with the wild storms that Houston gets every now and again, dropping tree limbs, power lines, and causing general devastation along the way and it’s not hard to imagine that your fence may look a little worse for wear sometime down the line.

If your fencing is starting to show signs of compromise, or if you just want to get out ahead of these minor issues before they become major (and expensive) emergencies, we here at Griffin Fence can help!

Every Project with a Detailed Inspection

Each and every one of our fence repair Houston projects begin with a detailed inspection of the every square inch of your fence line. Our fencing experts are going to walk your entire fence perimeter on both sides (inside and outside the fence line), documenting any and all signs of degradation, damage, or general issues that your fence might be dealing with. Not only are we going to make quick notes of these “attention spots” for our Houston fence repair experts to tackle, but we are also going to take detailed photographs of these hotspots as well. That allows us to show you exactly where the weak links in your fence are and lets us come up with a custom tailored plan of action to repair and restore your fence moving forward!

Regular Maintenance & Cleaning

Oftentimes, our wooden fence repair Houston specialists are called in just to do a little bit of regular maintenance and deep cleaning. Like anything else on our homes, our fences can get a little “shabby” over time – but can also be brought back to life and look better than brand-new with just a little bit of attention and some elbow grease. Our wood fence repair Houston professionals know exactly how to breathe new life into your fencing.

We know how to massage materials to bring back the original luster, we know how to refinish them to offer a different look and better protection against the elements, and we know how to make sure that your wooden fencing lasts as long as possible without needing a lot of babysitting and care going forward, too.

With Griffin Fence services you are in the best of hands!

Emergency Repair And Rebuild

Of course, sometimes just a little bit of care and preventative maintenance isn’t enough to tackle the issues that are plaguing our fences. Sometimes you have a legitimate fencing emergency on your hands, and emergency that involves a total compromise of parts of (if not all of) your fence and a situation that needs to be addressed ASAP. Our experts know exactly how to get you through these emergency situations quickly and affordably, patching, repairing, or completely rebuilding the parts of your fence that have become compromised – all while leaving little evidence that any work was done whatsoever when we have finished!

A big part of why we have become one of the most trusted fence repair Houston, TX services is because of how “invisible” our repair solutions are. Clients are overjoyed to see their fence brought back to its original condition without obvious signs of patchwork fixes that would have been distracting for sure. We are able to rebuild and restore fencing that has become significantly damaged, but are able to do so using materials and finishing techniques that leave your fence looking just as good as brand-new – without obvious signs of patching and restoration.

On top of all of that, our Griffin Fence specialists will make sure to diagnose why these emergencies happened in the first place. We’ll then take any necessary steps to make sure that they are prevented from happening again in the future. Each and every one of our repair services are designed to not just restore the fence back to its previous condition, but to strengthen and fortify against damage in the future. Most of the time, our clients end up with stronger and more resilient fences than what they had originally!

Total Restoration Services

Sometimes it’s not enough to repair or rebuild sections of a fence. Sometimes a fence needs to be restored and rebuilt from top to bottom, without losing the spirit or the essence of that fence along the way. A lot of the truly beautiful wrought iron fences throughout the Houston community fall into this category, particularly those that are often as old as Houston itself! The last thing anyone wants to do is rip them out completely and replace them with something that has a lot less character and a lot less history. Thankfully, with our total restoration services, that’s never going to be a problem for you, either!

Our restoration solutions take a holistic approach to analyze exactly what’s wrong with fencing as it stands right now, what needs to be done to rebuild and restore it to brand-new condition, and how that can be accomplished without destroying as much of the original fencing as possible. Time and time again our clients are amazed at how we are able to breathe new life into older fences that many thought were going to be lost causes. There’s no better feeling here at Griffin Fence than a client telling us that we blew away their expectations, rehabilitating older fences and extending their life while saving clients a bundle of money at the same.

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At Griffin Fence we believe that small jobs make big business. We understand that not every customer can afford or needs a new fence installation, and we try to accommodate every potential customers needs. Whether you need a couple of cedar pickets or a few fence panels we will treat you with the same regard as someone who is purchasing an entire iron fence. We strive to make every customer happy by meeting their needs to the fullest. We also understand that some repairs take priority over others in cases where children or animals come into play, and we address them in a timely manner to ensure to the best of our capability that every single one of our customers is safe and secure.

So if you would like to work with the best Houston fence repair experts around, the kinds of experts that Houston homeowners and commercial property owners trust with all their fencing needs, we are happy to help!

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How long does it take to repair a fence?

Depending on the damage caused to the fence and the extent of it, you can expect to have your fence repaired within a few days. If a gate has been damaged (such as in the case where a vehicle runs into your gate,) it may take a couple more days than usual. In either situation, as much detail on the damage as possible, will help send the appropriate crew to get the damage fixed.

Can you replace fence posts that have been bent?

Sure thing! Posts usually cannot be repaired, and installing new ones is the better approach. When replacing a fence post, you can either remove the broken posts with the concrete footing and place the new posts in the same place, or you can cut the damaged post and put the new posts next to the old concrete footing but on the same fence line.

If there is a hole in the fence, do I need to replace the entire fence?

Not necessarily. It all depends on the size of the hole and whether the entire fence has been damaged to a point where no repair would ensure security around your property. An in person visit of the repair required or a picture of the hole, is the best way to estimate whether you need a brand new fence or a small repair.