A fence is only ever has strong as its weakest link – or its weakest opening!

Here at Griffin Fence we know just how important it is to install high quality gates in all of our Houston fences, providing strong, solid, and secure openings that are also going to add a lot of style to the fence itself. Working with our clients to come up with the best iron gates Houston has to offer for their project, we are able to furnish custom and semi custom options that fit perfectly with the fence you already have (or the fence you’re planning on having installed by us here at Griffin, too).

All of our gates are constructed using time-proven methods with strength and durability in mind. Whether you choose our iron or wood gate, it will provide a unique welcome for your visitors, as well as setting your property apart from your neighbors.

The gates we create for you are built with great quality and made to last. We only ever use the highest quality construction materials available, guarantee that our gates are made by top-tier experts that know what they are doing, and that our gates are going to last for decades to come without showing signs of wear and tear, too. If you want to add the best wrought iron gates Houston fencing companies can provide to your fence, we are here to help!

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Custom Houston driveway gates, security gates, and traditional gates all begin here at Griffin during the design phase. Our clients tell us exactly what they are expecting from the Houston driveway gates and security gates they would like to add to their property and then our design team goes to work making those ideas a reality. We offer a variety of different solutions to fit any budget imaginable, guaranteeing that each client is able to enjoy the best security gates Houston has to offer (or any other kind of gates, for that matter) at prices that are not going to break their bank account or budget.

After the initial design has been conceived out our estimator team will come out to your property and survey the fence or the area where the fence and gate are going to be installed. Precise measurements are going to be taken, conversations will be had to fine-tune the design, and then we go back into the “laboratory” to create the best Houston gates for your specific property.

Once we get the green light the fabrication process begins and then it’s time for installation!

We install and repair all types of gates

  • Access Control
  • Remote Programming
  • Elite
  • Viking
  • Patriot
  • Battery Back Up
  • Telephone Systems
  • Keypads
  • Solar Operations
  • Wireless Keypads
  • Wireless Telephone Systems

All of these features can be added to almost any gate project we tackle here in Houston, though some may involve premium add-ons prices compared to others. That’s something we can certainly talk about and discuss before we move forward with your fence and gate project, though!


Even the best made iron gates Houston fabricators can come up with are going to require at least a little bit of service and attention every now and again. Thankfully, though, you won’t have to handle the heavy lifting or use your own elbow grease to clean, maintain, and make minor repairs on your gates – you can have our experts handle all of that for you! Here at Griffin Fence we provide a wide variety of care and service solutions, including (but not limited to):

  • Automatic Gate installation and repair
  • Gate motor installation and repair
  • Gate operator installation and repair
  • Gate keypad installation and repair
  • Gate automation
  • Customized Gates maintenance
  • Gate Sensor installation and repair

Having spent blood, sweat and a lot of money on your automatic gate, you want to be sure that it stays in perfect operating mode. There is nothing worse than pulling up to your home gate after a hard day of work and not being able to open it because the motor is jammed, or the keypad is locked.

Your gate is almost always going to be the “linchpin” of your fenced security set up and it needs to work perfectly every single time out. Even just a small compromise of the system can lead to a lot of headache and a lot of hassle, a lot of frustration, and sometimes pretty significant emergency repair bills. By taking advantage of our Houston gates servicing and maintenance options you won’t ever have to worry about your gate becoming compromised, degrading, or breaking down. We will get out ahead of all major issues while they are still minor annoyances, eliminating the potential for them to grow into bigger problems later down the line.

Griffin Fence has certified technicians on staff to help you out in any situation, maintaining and servicing your gates and fences has never been easier!

If you do find yourself with an emergency security gates Houston problem, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest convenience. We can dispatch a team of technicians out there right away to diagnose the situation, determine the right plan of action to restore functionality of your gate, and then handle the work to get your gate back up and running again.

Give us a call to discuss your specific situation and we can get started right away.


As one of the premier automatic gates Houston providers, we understand exactly what it takes to not only install these gates into new or existing fencing but how to maintain those gates so that they operate as expected for years and years without any hiccups. We hope that you (like so many of our friends and neighbors throughout the Houston area) will consider our Griffin Fenced solutions for your needs, too.

If you have any questions whatsoever about the kinds of gate options we provide, the installation or repair services we offer, or any of the other gate and fencing solutions we are known for throughout the Houston community, please don’t hesitate to reach out today. We can talk you through any of the questions you might have and can also schedule a 100% free, no strings attached estimate at your earliest convenience as well.

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What type of gates are there available?

Depending on the gate that you want installed, you can have a single swing, double swing gate, cantilever gate, rolling gate, overhead track gate, vertical lift gate & a vertical pivot gate.

Some of the most common gates installed are a single swing and double swing gate.

A single swing gate (also known as a walk gate,) can be built with a width that is between 3-20 feet. The final width size will depend on the material that you use as well as your purpose of installing a gate. Gates can reach over one hundred feet in length, assuming good design & quality. Swing gates can have a self closing & latching hardware that can be used around your swimming pool or an automated electric access at the base of your driveway.

A double swing gate will need to have two leafs, in order to provide the resident with a larger opening. Double swing gates can be built for chain link, vinyl, wood ornamental fences etc. If you install an ornamental fence at your driveway (these are also known as estate gates,) you can have a motorized operator that controls access in and out of the property. The gates can be opened and closed through a series of ways which include card readers, transmitters & keypads. The design of the gate system can be such that it closes automatically after one car enter the property or opens automatically once a car is about to leave the property.

How long does installation take?

Depending on the size of the job, you can expect to have your gate installed within a week. Once the crew is about to leave the job site, the job foreman will follow our typical review process, checking everything from the workmanship of your installed gate, to ensuring that the job site is cleared of nails and other materials that have been used and should not be left behind. Meeting with the property owner at the end of the project is always a great way to help answer any questions, provide tips for proper gate maintenance to ensure a long lasting install & ensure that they are left with a smile on their face for a job well done.

I have an idea in mind for my gate design. Can you help me bring it to reality?

Griffin Fence has had thousands of successfully completed projects under its belt. We are always excited when we get to work with a homeowner who has a good taste for quality & design. Our contractors will work with you, from start to finish, to help you select a custom gate design that matches what you’re looking for and provides the functionality and security that the property needs. With Griffin Fence, you are in good hands.