An ornamental iron fence would provide your home with added elegance, while enhancing your property’s individuality and value. Make your property look timeless with iron fences, gates, railings and other work from Griffin Fence. Regardless of the design that you choose, our ornamental iron fences are a durable, attractive fence option for someone looking for minimal upkeep. Our primed and painted finish allows you to think less about your fence and more about your life—but how do you choose the right one?

Well, with the help of our Houston iron fence experts, that’s not going to be a problem any longer! Our Houston wrought iron fence designers can work with you to come up with the perfect fencing plan specifically designed around your home, your property, and how you want your fence to look moving forward. After we touch base with a new client we send out a team of estimators that carefully survey the property, taking photographs and detailed measurements to use as a “blank slate” for building a new wrought iron fence design on top of. Every step of the way from that moment on, our design and building professionals work without clients hand-in-hand to make their fencing dreams come true.

The end result is a beautiful, durable wrought iron fence solution that will stand the test of time – adding an extra layer of security and protection to a property but at the same time also adding a lot of extra value, too. Contact us today for more information!

Let’s dig a little deeper into some of the wrought iron fencing solutions we offer here in Houston, shall we?


The Extended Picket Ornamental or Wrought Iron Fences have decorative pickets that extend above and below the top and bottom rail. This style of iron also allows for decorative finials to be added if you choose. We have several to choose from. Another added feature for those of you with gradual sloping grades, these panels can rack and follow the grade of your terrain. Extended Picket Ornamental Fences provide security but still allow on lookers to view your landscaping. Extended Picket Ornamental Fences are very durable and long lasting.

Again, our designers will work with you to find the perfect extended picket iron fences for your project. The only limit you’ll have to worry about when it comes to designing your new extended picket iron fence is your imagination! This feature is hugely important for those that want to make sure that their fence looks like it was supposed to be there right from day one, rather than something that was “tacked on” later down the line. By choosing this kind of Houston iron fence, though, your fencing will follow along with the grade of your property, providing a tremendous amount of value to home and property owners that want a different look than traditional chain link fence brings to the table. You won’t have to worry about your fence line looking out of place, regardless of how rolling the terrain may be.


The Flat Rail Iron Fence style of Ornamental Fences or Wrought Iron Fences has two rails without pickets extending from the top and bottom of the fence. The Flat Rail Ornamental Iron Fence is a very clean design and uses a relatively simple style of construction. The Flat Rail Iron Fence is a very popular safety fence that is used around Central Texas pools and apartment of condo communities. The Flat Rail Iron Fence offers a lot of protection and security at a lower price than a true commercial security fence. The Flat Rail Ornamental Iron Fence is difficult to climb and very hard to damage which makes it a popular style of fence in commercial and residential fence application.

One of the reasons that our wrought iron fence Houston, Texas clients like this fence design so much, though, is that it isn’t super plain or devoid of personality, either. Sometimes with cleaner and more minimalist style fencing options you end up with something that looks impersonal and almost commercial. Nobody wants their home to look like a big box retailer or a commercial park. Some want wrought iron fencing with a little bit of personality and a little bit of class without having to go completely overboard. This fencing works wonders in those applications! Only a few Houston wrought iron fence options are able to offer this perfect blend of style and security the way that our flat rail ornamental iron fence options will!


Griffin Fence can provide Ornamental Wrought Iron Railing for steps, porches, decks, and patios. Iron Railing is the perfect material for handrails because of it’s strength and durability. The finish of our Wrought Iron Railing creates a classic look when wrapped around a porch and creates a security barrier to prevent falls from the porch. We offer both pre-made and custom wrought iron handrail and porch rails to fit your application.

Griffin Fence produces quality custom iron handrail products. We are pleased to offer a nice selection of durable materials for superior handrails for commercial or residential projects.

Durability is hugely important when we are talking about iron safety railings, and that’s why we spend so much time making sure that the finish on our railings are really dialed in. After all, often times these iron safety railings are going to act as the “last line of defense” from an accident happening. You never want to worry about whether or not the iron fencing and railings you’ve invested in are still as strong and as stable as they were when you purchased them. Thanks to the proprietary finish applied to our Houston wrought iron fence railing, though, that will never be a concern! Instead you’ll know (beyond a shadow of doubt) that these fences are going to last the test of time, maintaining their structural integrity and safety capabilities for years and years to come – even with very little maintenance or upkeep!


The Pressed Spear Iron Fence is a type of Ornamental Iron Fence that is very classy and at an affordable price. It gives you the finial look with out having to purchase them separately. The Pressed Spear Ornamental Iron Fence is a very popular choice in Houston. Like the Extended Picket Ornamental Iron Fence, the Pressed Spear Iron Fence is able to easily roll with the grade of your terrain.

This is the kind of wrought iron fence Houston, TX homeowners have really start to go crazy over. It adds a lot of style, a lot of class, and a lot of traditional elegance to a property that some of the other wrought iron options are lacking. On top of that, you still get the strength, durability, and the safety features that traditional iron fences are going to offer, too. It really is the best of all worlds! For more information about the kinds of Houston iron fence project we help homeowners and property owners with in this community, or for a 100% free estimate, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We would love to help make your wrought iron fence dreams a reality!

Will a wrought iron fence last for a long time?

Wrought Iron Fences are some of the most durable fence options you can pick from. A wrought iron fence is manufactured out of steel or aluminum and is custom made. No matter which of those two it is made out of, you can count on it being resistant against rust. Not only will your fence remain looking good when exposed to rainwater, but there will also be very little maintenance required. With proper maintenance, you can expect a wrought iron fence to last a lifetime.

What are the advantages of wrought iron fences?

Wrought iron fences are a very classy and elegant option for your property. And they come with a series of benefits, including:

  • They are rust resistant. 
  • Wrought iron is more durable than any other type of material and will not get easily damaged
  • Wrought iron can be recycled which makes it an environmentally friendly product

How much will a wrought iron fence cost?

Wrought iron fences are custom products and not mass produced. Depending on factors such as the height of your fence, you can expect fence contractors in Houston to quote you between $35 and $50 per linear foot. Give us a call at 713-937-6611 and one of our representatives will be able to come out at the property, and give you a quote as well as advise on the type of fence installation that makes the most sense, according to your expectations. All quotes provided by Griffin Fence are free of charge.