Service: The act of helping, supplying, or being of use to someone.

As a full-service fence operation that puts the customer first, our mission is to, not only meet the definition of service, but exceed our customer’s expectations. No matter what type of fencing you may require, you can rest assured that we at Griffin Fence will go above and beyond to thank you for putting your trust in us. Please click on the links below, to learn more about the quality services we offer.

Chain Link

Chain link fencing, our most economical offering, is commonly used to mark, enclose, and secure property, and to keep animals safe. We offer the following long-lasting, durable types of chain link fence:

  • Residential chain link fence
  • Galvanized chain link fence
  • Vinyl chain link fence
  • Commercial security fence
  • Galvanized chain link security fence
  • Vinyl chain link security fence

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Wood Fence

Quality wood really makes a difference when building a wooden fence. Whether you choose cedar or treated wood, our materials are of the highest caliber. We use only the best selection of woods to provide these options in wooden fencing to you:

  • Western red cedar privacy fence
  • Board on board fence
  • Bull panel fence
  • Cap and trim fence
  • Custom horizontal fence
  • Good neighbor fence
  • Shadow box fence
  • Western red cedar split rail fence
  • Treated wood privacy fence

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Strength and beauty all in one: that’s what you get with iron fencing from Griffin Fence. Your choices include:

  • Ornamental or wrought iron fence
  • Extended picket iron fence
  • Flat rail iron fence
  • Iron safety railing
  • Pressed spear iron fence

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Gates ; Gate Openers

The gate to your property is often your visitor’s first impression. We can help you make it a good one with the following offerings:

  • Iron gate
  • Wood gate
  • Remote gate opener programming
  • Keypad gate
  • Gate service and repair

Click on “Gates ; Gate Openers” for more information.

Weatherproofing ; Staining

Unprotected wood needs proper sealing and staining to protect it from the elements. Protect your beautiful investment with the appropriate weatherproofing services that we can provide. These include:

  • Cleaning
  • Staining
  • Brightening
  • Sealing

Click on “Weatherproofing ; Staining” to see a list of important Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!) so you can get started on maintaining your fence.

Then call your Griffin Fence contractor Houston TX for a quality job that will provide continuous protection for your fence.


Keeping your fence in excellent shape is critical to maintaining your safety and security, and for allowing your property to look its best. If you’re looking for Houston TX fence repair services, then you’ve come to the right place.

For Griffin Fence repair Houston TX, no job is too big or too small.

Click on “Repairs” to find out which options are right for you.


Griffin Fence is no stranger to commercial fencing; we’ve been at it for decades and have built a solid reputation in the Houston area among commercial clients. We are highly experienced and well-prepared to take on your commercial projects. Our project managers will be important members of your building team.

Read more about our commercial work by clicking the above “Commercial” link.

We’re Serious About Service

As a full-service fence company that has been providing all types of fencing to satisfied customers in the Houston area since 1979, you can see that we take service seriously!

We believe that service isn’t just about getting the job done; it’s also about:

  • helping you to assess your needs
  • measuring your property
  • providing a free quote
  • matching your request with the best materials
  • delivering your materials on time
  • installing your choice properly and safely
  • weatherproofing your product
  • providing attractive and quality workmanship
  • giving you a strong, durable, functional, and economical product
  • working with your custom requirements in mind

Be sure to check out our other pages for photos of our work and testimonials from our customers, and don’t hesitate to contact Griffin Fence Houston to get a free quote regarding our services.

Before You Go …

As an added service, we’ve compiled the following list of fencing terms you might enjoy!

Cross fencing: Fences that are installed to keep individual fields or pastures separated within one property.

Double Swing Gate: A two-part, hinged gate that is used where a wide gate is required.

Eye Top:  A cap with a loop, used for attaching the top rail for a chain link fence.

Fence Laying: Positioning fence materials on the ground before installation.

Fence Tie: Fasteners that attach chain link fencing to posts.

Frame hinge: A gate frame attachment that, when coupled with the post hinge, allows the gate to swing in both directions.

Perimeter Fence: The enclosure for an entire property, running along boundary lines.

Post: A long piece of wood, metal, or other material that is used for supporting a structure or marking a location. There are several different types of posts:

  • Corner Post: A fence post that is placed where fence lines meet at angles.
  • End Post: A fence post that is placed at an end point, such as next to a gate or building.
  • Line Post: One of a series of regular fence posts that run along the length of the fence.
  • Terminal Post: A corner or end post that bears much of the load for the fence.

Post and Rail: A style of fence using a series of vertical posts that are connected via horizontal slats.

Post Cap: Coverings for fence post ends, especially for chain link or vinyl products.

Privacy Fence: A fence with vertical slats that fit close to one another, restricting your neighbor’s view of your property.

Single Swing Gate: A one-panel hinged gate.

Split Rail: A style of fence that uses roughly cut timber. It is most often designed with notched posts into which two horizontal rails are positioned.

Stair Stepping: A fence positioning method that allows for hills and dips on the property. The fence is installed in sections at various levels.